After graduation from Ringling College of Art and Design, and a brief stint interning at the NYNEX Science and Technology Media Lab, Shawn started his game career in Connecticut, at a company called Funnybone Interactive in 1995. There, he chiseled away at 8-bit sprites in between all-night multiplayer sessions of Marathon.

He moved back to Boston in 1996, working as a freelance artist and as an unpaid intern at Fablevision Animation. He returned to games when offered a job at Looking Glass Studios in 1997. While at Looking Glass, Shawn worked on Jane's Combat Simulations: Attack Squadron and the Flight Unlimited II patch until the studio's untimely demise in 2000.

Shawn packed up his portfolio and headed to Southie, where Irrational Games was then located. At Irrational Games, Shawn worked on multiple titles, including the original Bioshock, and Bioshock Infinite. After Irrational formally closed its doors in early 2014, Shawn joined Ken Levine’s team, where he currently works today.


Bioshock Infinite, Burial at Sea Parts 1 & 2, 2014 (PC/360/PS3): Animation Director

BioShock Infinite, 2013 (PC/360/PS3): Animation Director

BioShock, 2007 (PC/360): Lead Animator

Swat 4, 2005 (PC): Artist/Animator

Jane's Attack Squadron, 2002 (PC): Artist (credited as Shaun Robertson)

Freedom Force Versus the Third Reich: Additional Art

Uncredited additional animation on Civ V